Thursday, October 1, 2009

First post! Woof woof!!!

Hey everybody! My name is Buddy and over there (if you could see her, you'd laugh) on the floor is my sister, Daisy. I'm just testing this thing out for now, because I think it's time for dinner...I know mom has been talking about getting her human food (SO much more tasty than ours!) for awhile now, so I should probably go follow her...

maybe I can catch some food in the kitchen...

or maybe I'll just steal some off her plate when she's (not) looking...

Bye for now!

Daisy says bye-bye too. She'd type something in here, but she's too busy with her new tennis ball.

I almost forgot! We learned from mom & dad last weekend that our Uncle Tucker has cancer. What an icky word! Even though he's shy and doesn't really play when I'm around, I wish I were half as brave as he is. Please visit his blog:

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