Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas = The best tasting holiday EVER!

My brother and I have been super busy helping mom and dad decorate the house for Christmas. I guess I haven't done a very good job though, cuz mom said the ornaments were supposed to go ON the tree and not IN my mouth. I dunno though, this one was really really tasty...

Well, time to go sniff out another one...


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Buddy's New Favorite Food

Hi guys, Buddy here! We're super sorry for not posting in awhile, but we've been busy helping mom and dad bake stuff! First, mom made some pumpkin pies. I know for a fact that pumpkin is AWESOME, cuz when I've been sick before, mom and dad have fed it to me along with chicken and rice. After those pies, mom made some other orange lookin' stuff and then she and dad made an apple pie.

Well guys, I have decided that apple pie is my FAVORITE, paws down. I smelled it in the kitchen and I just HAD to try it. See?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Almost HOWLoween!

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Daisy and I have been busy helping mom and dad get the house all ready for HOOOWLoweeeeen! It's my favorite holiday because I get to bark at all these funny looking people that come to the door. Why do that all look so silly? Mom dressed us up the other weekend because they had company coming over, so we had to look nice. But really...I mean, come ON mom...

Mom just doesn't understand how embarrassing it is...

Although, Daisy never seems to mind.

Oh, and just the other night dad got this skeleton down off the wall to see how my sis would react to it...little did he know...

She thought it was made of real bone!

Almost time for kibble!


Friday, October 9, 2009

An apple a day...

Mom noticed a little bump by my mouth the other day. She started fussing over me, asking me if it hurt if she touched it...well, I don't like my face touched!!! Doesn't she know that by now? I hate it! So no, it didn't hurt, I just didn't want her touching me! I was trying to give her kisses and let her know that it was nothing to worry about, but mom is a worry wart, so she took me THERE. To that place where they poke and stick you with needles and look in your eyes and your mouth and your ears. I KNEW I was right all along, nothing to worry about. Doc says it's a "Histiocytoma" and I guess it's really common in pups my age (1 1/2 years). So take that, mom! :oP Doc said they can remove it, but it's not necessary if mom & dad don't want to. Please please please...don't take me baaaack there! No more needles and stuff that makes my ouchy sting!!! :o(

Once we got home, my brother was worried...

Lator Gators,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Buddy & Me

My brother, Buddy, is so weird. He is friends with a CAT. A C-A-T. Granted, this cat is technically our brother, but c'mon...

Oh and so mom & dad bought us this really cool toy last week. It made all kinds of noises and had a rope connected to it and everything. Needless to say, cool toys like that never last very long with my brother around...
Buddy looks all innocent, like he didn't destroy the really cool, noise making, green rubber toy...but don't fall for that look on his face!

Lator gators,

Friday, October 2, 2009

All Mine!

Hi guys, Daisy here! It's super early in the morning (for me, at least), but since daddy got up with mommy to have breakfast, Buddy and I had to wake up too. Even though I'm still tired, I couldn't resist putting in some time with my two new favorite toys...Chuck It balls! Buddy tried to be sly and hide one from me, but I quickly showed him who was boss and rightly took both of them for myself.

Well...I should probably go finish breakfast before my brother tries to steal that too...

Later Gator,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First post! Woof woof!!!

Hey everybody! My name is Buddy and over there (if you could see her, you'd laugh) on the floor is my sister, Daisy. I'm just testing this thing out for now, because I think it's time for dinner...I know mom has been talking about getting her human food (SO much more tasty than ours!) for awhile now, so I should probably go follow her...

maybe I can catch some food in the kitchen...

or maybe I'll just steal some off her plate when she's (not) looking...

Bye for now!

Daisy says bye-bye too. She'd type something in here, but she's too busy with her new tennis ball.

I almost forgot! We learned from mom & dad last weekend that our Uncle Tucker has cancer. What an icky word! Even though he's shy and doesn't really play when I'm around, I wish I were half as brave as he is. Please visit his blog: