Monday, October 19, 2009

Almost HOWLoween!

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Daisy and I have been busy helping mom and dad get the house all ready for HOOOWLoweeeeen! It's my favorite holiday because I get to bark at all these funny looking people that come to the door. Why do that all look so silly? Mom dressed us up the other weekend because they had company coming over, so we had to look nice. But really...I mean, come ON mom...

Mom just doesn't understand how embarrassing it is...

Although, Daisy never seems to mind.

Oh, and just the other night dad got this skeleton down off the wall to see how my sis would react to it...little did he know...

She thought it was made of real bone!

Almost time for kibble!



  1. Teee heee heeee, how funny you two look! Ha ha ha... your gramma doesn't make me dress up like that any more, but if you look at the pic on my header you'll see what YOUR mom did to me when I was a pup! She loved dressing me and my big sis Charmin up all the time, so I can see she hasn't changed much. I'll have to swing by for a taste of that skeleton!

  2. See you Wednesday! Come ready for treats and running with Katie. I'll probably just watch you three run around in circles, but it'll make me laugh and jump!